Feis Trading Corp. has always defined itself as a small, elite trading firm. We restrict our hiring process to an average of one individual per year In order to devote maximum attention to the training and development of each new employee. As such, we have created a highly selective recruiting process designed to determine the potential and compatibility of each candidate. Prospective candidates should possess extensive quantitative skills and a familiarity with computer programming, in addition to a marked interest in financial markets and analytical research methods.

Employees at Feis Trading can expect to begin actively trading within a month of starting their career as part of the training process. During this initial period, new traders spend time with each of the firm’s existing employees, including President Lawrence Feis, in order to learn the nature of equities and futures markets, trading strategies, and research methods. Within a few months, new traders develop an expertise over a specific range of products and begin to expand their responsibilities, always with the support and coordination of the entire trading team. During and after the training period, employees are encouraged to generate and implement original trading ideas as well as improve existing strategies and models.